Scout Award & Badges

The Outdoor Challenge


The Scout should take part in a residential experience preferably camping for at least two nights during the event they should take part in as many of the following

  • 1 Help to pitch and strike a tent
  • 2 Light a fire and cook one meal
  • 3 Set up a stove and cook a meal
  • 4 Demonstrate personal hygiene
  • 5 Keep personal belongings neat and tidy within the accommodation
  • 6 Maintain a neat and orderly site
  • 7 Take part in a wide game
  • 8 Take part in a camp fire
  • 9 Build a simple pioneering project
  • 10 Build a useful camp gadget
  • 11 Take part in a two hour activity
  • 12 Provide a two hour service on site

The Outdoor challenge Plus

  • 1 Hold the outdoor challenge
  • 2 Have spent eight nights away (4 must be camping)
  • 3 Take part in a further two nights away which should take in as many as possible of the following
  • 4 Lead a group of Scouts in setting up a camp-site
  • 5 Plan a balanced menu for a short camp
  • 6 Show how to use an axe and a saw
  • 7 Lead the cooking of a meal
  • 8 Show the knowledge of the safety precautions for the correct use of stoves and lamps
  • 9 Cook a backwoods meal with your group

The Creativity Challenge


To achieve this award you must complete activities from three of the following six areas

Area One: Performing

Take part in an entertainment in front of an audience

Area Two: Craft

Have a go at some creative craft

Area Three: Promotions

Promote local scouts

Area Four:  Problem solving

Take part in activities requiring a number of problem solving skills

Area Five:  Construction

Make something using a construction kit

Area Six:  Worship

Take a part in preparing and participating in an act of worship or Scouts own

The Global Challenge


To achieve this award complete these two sections

Area One:  Make International contact

1 Make contact with scouts outside the United Kingdom

Area Two: International Issues

Any two of the following

  • 1 Trade
  • 2 Health
  • 3 Water and sanitation
  • 4 Environment
  • 5 Refugees
  • 6 Intolerance
  • 7 Homelessness
  • 8 Poverty
  • 9 Animal welfare
  • 10 Conservation

Complete a series of activities to help you understand the issues involved

Take some action as a result

Compare how the issues affect the U K and countries overseas

The Community Challenge


To achieve this award you need to complete two areas. Examples are provided below but other activities can also be included

Area one:  Exploring the Local Community

Explore one aspect of how the local community works and is organised to benefit its members. The project should include some initial fact-finding, a visit to or from a community facility or group and some of report back
For example a visit to see the working of a theatre, Tourist attraction Railway station, airport, Local industry, local groups and interest Groups

Area Two:  Community Service

Take a part in some form of local community service at least six hours
For example running a fund raising stall, delivering leaflets, helping with activities with younger children

The Fitness Challenge


To complete the Fitness Challenge you need to chose a physical challenge which you have either not attempted before, or which builds on a earlier achievement. The challenge should be agreed with the leader.

The challenge can be anything from an athletic event, a charity swim, a long distant cycle ride or a long hike.

To complete this challenge the scout will need to

  • 1 Spend between four and six weeks preparing for this event, through an agreed exercise program
  • 2 Show during this time an understanding of the importance of a sensible diet and the need for sufficient sleep
  • 3 Keep a record of your progress
  • 4 Be able to explain the dangers and harmful effect of smoking, alcohol and drugs

The Athletics Proficiency Badge

  • 1. Demonstrate to the examiner an appropriate warm up routine that involves gentle stretching and loosening exercises, using all the main muscle groups. The warm up should last between 5 &10 min.
  • After the session demonstrate an appropriate warm down.
  • 2. Discuss with the examiner the safety rules associated with athletics, particularly the throwing and jumping events.
  • 3. Complete any three track & field events, which must include both track and field, and gain points (see your leader) to pass this section.

The Adventure Challenge


To earn this Challenge you should take part in three activities each on a separate occasion.

Examples of suitable activities:

The three activities can be taken out of the same group

Area One:  General

  • 1 Climbing
  • 2 Hill walking
  • 3 Hiking
  • 4 Spend a day exploring a town you don’t know
  • 5 Orienteering
  • 6 Plan a trip in public transport 40 kilometres
  • 7 Caving or potholing
  • 8 Pony trekking or horse riding
  • 9 Cycling

Area Two:  Water

  • 1 Sailing
  • 2 Water skiing
  • 3 Dragon boat
  • 4 Sub aqua
  • 5 Rafting
  • 6 Canoeing
  • 7 Surfing
  • 8 Bell boating
  • 9 Canal boating
  • 10 Pulling

Area Three:  Air

  • 1 Gliding
  • 2 Hovercrafts
  • 3 Ballooning
  • 4 Kiting

The Gold Chief Scouts Award


You must pass the Outdoor challenge and any other four challenges plus a personal challenge.

Membership Award


The following requirements will need to be completed

  • 1 Know about the troop
  • 2 Get to know other leaders and members of your group
  • 3 Find out about the ceremonies in your troop
  • 4 Find out about the activities you troop runs
  • 5 Know and understand the law and promise
  • 6 Know and understand the Scout motto, sign, salute and handshake
  • 7 Show an understanding of the history of Scouting
  • 8 Know what to do at an investiture



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