Cub Awards & Badges

Group Awards


Additionally there are three awards to be completed in association with other sections of your Groups.

Activity Badges


There are 32 Activity badges specially designed for the Cub Scout section, along with the four Staged badges.

The 5 Challenges


There are 5 Challenges available to the Cub Scout Section. They help develop and extend a Cub Scouts’ skills and experience, these challenges are optional.

The Outdoor Challenge


To complete this award the cubs should:

  • 1 Take part in at least one residential experience with a minimum of two nights away
  • 2 Learn a new skill i.e. backwoods cooking, compass
  • 3 Take part in three outdoor activities all different

The Creativity Challenge


  • 1 Plan and give an musical performance/play and perform to others {not the pack}
  • 2 Create 2 new games
  • 3 Create a Card, poster or an invitation
  • 4 Make a presentation on Cub Scouting

The Fitness Challenge


  • 1 Show they have improved in a sport or activity over six weeks
  • 2 Carry out a full body overhaul on them selves
  • 3 Try two new sports

The Global Challenge


  • 1 Find out the things that can be recycled and over three weeks show what they have recycled in their homes
  • 2 Find out about one international charity that helps around the world
  • 3 Find out about scouting in a chosen country

The Caring Challenge


  • 1 Over six weeks look after a pet and keep a record of feeding, cleaning and exercise
  • 2 Find out about a place of worship and tell other Cubs what happens there
  • 3 Find out what hazards there could be in the home or meeting place. Help other Cubs to be aware of them.

The Chief Scouts Silver Award


This is the highest award in the Cub Scout section and leads on to the Chief Scouts Gold Award in the Scouts section.

To complete the Chief Scout Silver Award you must

  • 1.Hold the Outdoor Challenge
  • 2.Hold any other 2 Challenges
  • 3.Complete a personal challenge

The personal challenge

A. With the help of your leader plan and run an activity for other cub scouts
B. Take part in a hobby or interest that you already do

OR something new to you
OR something that has been difficult before

This must be agreed with a leader and show improvement over a period of 8 weeks or 8 sessions.

Cub Membership Award & Joining In Badges


The Membership and Joining-In Awards signify that a Cub Scout has made their promise and has participated in the programme for a period of time.

Area 1 Know your Pack

  • Get to know other leaders and members in your Troop
  • Find out about ceremonies and traditions in your troop
  • Find out about the activities that your pack gets up to

Area 2 Know about joining your Pack

  • Know and understand the Cub Scout Law and Promise
  • Know and understand the Cub Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake
  • Know what to do at your investiture
  • Know the meaning of the badges you will receive
  • Know the history of the family of Scouts and the world wide Scouting

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