Beaver Scout Challenges

During their time in Beavers the children work towards 6 challenge badges.  These are awarded twice a year at the summer BBQ in July and the Group party in December.  Completion of all six challenge badges will lead to the awarding of the Chief Scouts Bronze Award.  This is the highest award that a Beaver Scout can gain and can be worn on the Cub Scout Uniform.

The Outdoor Challenge

The Beaver Scout must complete four activities, at least one from each area.

Preparing for a visit

  • Pack a healthy picnic meal
  • Know what to put in your rucksack for a day visit. This could be a cagoule, drinks, lunch and waterproofs, etc
  • Help put up a tent.


  • Go on a visit to a place of interest. This could be a park, camp-site, activity centre, historic building, beach or similar
  • Visit a Cub Scout Pack holiday or Scout camp.


  • Take part in an outdoor activity, For example, swimming, climbing, grass
  • sledging, treasure hunt, canal boating etc.
  • Attend a Sleepover
  • Learn and use two knots
  • Follow a laid out trail.

The Fitness Challenge


The Beaver Scout must complete four activities, at least one from each area.

Agility and Fitness

  • Take part in a team game
  • Take part in agility activities e.g. balancing a book on their head etc.
  • Take part in co-operative games e.g. parachute games.


  • Go for an accompanied walk
  • Take part in a Keep Fit session
  • Try one new sport e.g. rugby, tennis etc.


  • Learn about and taste a variety of healthy foods
  • Monitor heartbeat after different activity and understand the reasons for change
  • Design a poster, which promotes healthy eating.

The Global Challenge

The Beaver Scout must complete four activities, at least one from each area.


  • Learn about Fair Trade products
  • Taste and/or prepare food from around the world
  • Learn about international faiths and beliefs
  • Take part in a tradition from around the UK. This could be about preparing local food, folk dancing or singing songs etc. Examples include cheese rolling, well dressing, may pole dancing
  • Play or make an instrument from another country. For example a didgeridoo, drums, castanets or rain sticks, etc.

World Scouting

  • Learn a Promise from another country
  • Learn a greeting in another language
  • Take part in a Scouting activity from another country
  • Meet a Scout from another country.


  • Organise an activity to clean up the environment e.g. litter pick
  • Learn about the Country Code
  • Get involved in a recycling project, such as for paper, glass or ink cartridges
  • Plant trees or flowers
  • Learn how to save energy
  • Learn about wildlife conservation.

The Friendship Challenge

The Beaver Scout must complete four requirements, at least one from each area.

 Caring for others

  • Know what to do in an emergency, including calling 999
  • Understand how to change simple activities to cater for special needs
  • Take part in an activity to help the elderly
  • Take part in an activity to help the community
  • Raise funds for a good cause.

People far away

  • Find out about four different aspects of life in another country. For example: national costume, food, currency or climate, etc
  • As a Colony create a link with another Colony or similar in a different country.

Meeting other people

  • Find out about the job or interest of someone in their community, such as a religious leader, dentist, a musician etc
  • Arrange a visit to or from someone who serves the community. For example – a police officer, a lifeboat crew, coastguard, fire fighter etc.
  • Join in activities with another Colony.

The Creative Challenge

The Beaver Scout must complete four activities, at least one from each area.


  • Act or mime a simple scene
  • Learn a new song and sing it
  • Make a model. This could be out of anything, such as junk, kit or Lego
  • Make an instrument and play it.


  • Try some simple cooking e.g. making cakes or decorate biscuits etc
  • Make a hot drink safely.

How things Work

  • Learn how a simple mechanism works e.g. a lock, bike pump, Meccano, etc
  • Learn what a magnet does
  • Use some food colouring to, for example, tie-dye some material or watch celery change colour
  • Light a bulb using a simple circuit.

The Promise Challenge

The Beaver Scout must complete four activities, at least one from each area.

Beaver Scout Promise

  • Explain how they have recently ‘done their best’ on at least two occasions and how this made a difference
  • Help a new Beaver Scout in the Colony to learn the Beaver Scout Promise
  • Take part in an Investiture ceremony or similar
  • Attend at least two Colony Forums/Log Chews.

Your God

  • Take part in an act of worship with others in the Colony, such as a parade at a place of worship, and/or a Scouts’ Own
  • Learn two facts about their faith community and tell the rest of the Colony about them
  • Write and read a prayer for their Colony’s opening or closing ceremony
  • Attain the Faith Activity Badge.

Rights and Wrongs

  • Help review an event or activity with the rest of the Colony
  • Visit a place of worship other than their own
  • Learn about Fair Trade, the right to clean water etc.
  • Listen to a story from a faith tradition which gives examples of good and bad and talk about it afterwards
  • Write down some ideas that could help to make the Beaver meetings more fun for everyone.

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