Beaver Scout Activity Badges



Complete the following:

  • Explain the Green Cross code
  • Explain the Water Safety code
  • Say what to do when approached by a stranger
  • Identify possible dangers around the house and say what to do about them

Health & Fitness


Complete the following:

  • Learn about foods that are good for you
  • Learn about the value of keeping fit
  • Plan a healthy meal.
  • Tell others in the Colony about a sport or activity they take part in
  • Learn about personal hygiene



Complete the following:

The Beaver Scout needs to:

  1. explain/know about a creative activity
  2. take part in the creative activity
  3. tell the Colony about the activity.

Examples of creative activities include:

  • Putting on a show or form of entertainment
  • Making a mobile, origami shapes, a model out of clay or plasticine, a painting or drawing or doing conjuring tricks



Complete the following:

  • Write, tell or act a short story, poem or play.
  • Build a model using a variety of objects.
  • Build a collage, draw or paint a picture imagining what life might be like in the future



Complete the following:

  • Write a prayer or reflection
  • Read or share a prayer at the opening or closing ceremony or some other time
  • Find and tell a story that relates to the Beaver Scout Promise
  • Tell others in the Colony about the story in an interesting way, for example, as simple drama, picture, cartoon, or part of a game
  • Visit a place of worship and show evidence of their visit with Photographs, drawings, handouts, leaflets or information sheets

Animal Friend


Complete the following:

  • Know how to care for an animal, fish or insect
  • Help to take care of an animal for one month
  • Tell others in the Colony about the animal
  • Know about the correct food to feed the animal, including type, variety and quantity
  • Know about the habitat of the animal, such as where it sleeps etc
  • Know how to exercise the animal
  • Keep a record of the food given to the animal and what they do with the animal for a period of two weeks.

Examples of suitable animals for this Badge include: dogs, cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, birds, rabbits, lambs, stick insects.



Complete the following:

  • Take part in a chosen hobby for a period agreed
  • Tell and show the Colony the chosen hobby



Complete the following:

  • Decide what or where to explore
  • Think about what they expect to find
  • Go on the exploration
  • Tell others in the Colony what they have discovered.

Suggested places to visit and explore include:

  • the seashore
  • a forest or park
  • woodland
  • a town

Air Activities


Complete the following:

  • Make a paper dart out of paper and see how well it flies
  • Find out about a particular aeroplane and tell others in the colony about it. Examples might be Concord, Spitfire, Airbus, Lynx helicopter etc.
  • Talk to someone who has flown in a plane, helicopter or hot air balloon and find out what it was like
  • If they have already flown in a plane – tell others in the Colony what it was like. If not, tell them what they would like to fly in, and why

Healthy Eating


Complete the following:

  • Make a fruit salad
  • Make a healthy snack
  • Make two different sandwiches
  • List some unhealthy foods

Examples of healthy snacks include omelette, salad mini pizzas, strawberry smoothie, homemade meatballs etc.



Complete the following:


  1. Decide what to do and try and work out what might happen
  2. Investigate something of interest to find out how it works; or grow something from seed
  3. Tell others in the Colony what they saw and discovered.

Some examples of experiments could include:

  • Growing a bulb
  • Growing mustard and cress, a seed potato, bean or carrot top
  • Showing how a torch works from the bits that make it up
  • Showing what a magnet can do, or making a game using magnets.



Complete the following:

Take part in three activities with other Beaver Scouts that will provide adventure. Two should be activities that they have not tried before.

Examples include:

  • Treasure hunt
  • Following a laid trail
  • Grass sledging
  • Journey using a new form of transport
  • Making and sailing a model boat
  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Swimming
  • Canal boating
  • An adventure walk around a park
  • Visiting a pier
  • Swimming









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